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We’re a group of washed up college runners whose finest moments on the track usually came during the post-season beer mile. The spikes and singlet days are long gone but we still enjoy the sense of camaraderie that comes from sharing a post-workout beer with friends. We started BeerFit to share that feeling with the world.

Started in 2014, BeerFit is now a national fitness movement that produces unique events celebrating our passion for running and beer. We may not shatter any personal records these days but we still enjoy racking up the miles and relaxing with a cold beer, or three. So pick an upcoming BeerFit race from the one-of-a-kind Power Hour Run to an epic Brew Mile and train hard knowing you have plenty of good times at the finish line to look forward to.


We add The Power Hour Run to the event and end all races with a free beer to support our new charity partner The BeerFit HQ team continues to grow and 20 events hit the calendar to bring the good times to more than 100,000 amazing runners nationwide.


With 10 events and 50,000+ runners, BeerFit starts to show the world that a good workout is made great with ice cold beer on the other side of the finish line. More than 10,000 cases of liquid gold are enjoyed by runners who know that running and beer are the new peanut butter and jelly.

Fall 2014

The BeerFit movement expands to Tampa and Houston. Nick and Matt join the team and the free beer after party is added to the mix. Predictably, nobody complains.

May 2014

The first BeerFit event is held in partnership with Monday Night Brewing in Atlanta. Lessons on how to serve cold beer to hundreds of people at once are learned the hard way but a good time is had by all who come out to test their lungs and livers…

Spring 1999

Spring 1999

While running track competitively at Auburn Marc wins his first beer mile and the seeds of the future BeerFit running series are planted deep in his liver.



Our CEO Marc runs his first mile at age 3… no beer afterwards but running is in the blood!