September 4th, 2015

The BeerFit Brew Mile: A Lot Of People, A Lot Of Beer, And A Lot Of Good Times

BeerFit Brew Mile finishers have been known to show signs of mild exertion, genuine pride, a lot of enthusiasm and (subtle) bloating.

You see, running a mile is a difficult feat by itself. Adding 4 beer stations to the course makes this event a true test of willpower, intestinal fortitude and strength. So we get it when finishers want to brag in a big way post-race: They deserve it — that, and free beer!

But if you’re wondering why somebody would want to put themselves through an endurance challenge like this in the first place, you might not really understand what the BeerFit Brew Mile is all about. And that’s where our newly-released video comes in.

In just 90 seconds, you’ll gain a better understanding of the celebration that, “Tests your liver as much as it tests your lungs.”

You’ll also learn it’s not like other fun runs.

“This is an actual challenge,” an enthusiastic BeerFit Brew Miler raves. “This isn’t like a Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, or that floaty moonbounce shit. This is the real race.”

Floaty moonbounce shit it is not. Cause in addition to the running and drinking part of the event, there’s an awesome charity component, a costume contest, free beer, and an epic after party that’s been described point blank as, “The best thing ever.”

Watch the video here and experience the BeerFit Brew Mile for yourself by signing up for your local race.