January 25th, 2016

5 Cold Weather Running Tips For Winter Training

The winter months are tough for diehard runners — but we know, you ain’t no bitch! BeerFit runners aren’t afraid of a challenge —  whether it’s a beer mile, or a snowstorm named Jonas — so we put together this survival guide for your cold weather training runs this winter.

remember why you started

1. Layer Up

We don’t want to be like your mom and tell you to wear a jacket, but seriously: wear a jacket. To survive on the streets in winter weather, stock up on sweat-wicking and technical fabric so you feel warm without getting so hot you sweat through your clothes. Maine Track Club president Mark Grandonico says to dress as if it’s 20 degrees warmer outside, since you’ll inevitably heat up as you burn miles. Not sure how many layers is enough? Check out this helpful guide from Runner’s World.

2. Drink A Lot Of H20

When it’s cold outside, it can be easy to overlook your hydration needs — and we don’t want you to resort to eating snow. Drink water before, during, and after your run, especially if you’ll be rewarding yourself with a post run beer (which you should)!

3. Protect Your Face (And Everything Else)

The Weeknd might brag about not feeling his face, but he’s talking about drugs, not the freezing cold air. Protect your money maker with a neck guard and a hat or headband, and be sure to wear gloves, heavy socks and avoid shoes that are made of mesh. If the roads and sidewalks are slushy and wet, add an extra level of protection by slipping your feet into plastic bags inside your shoes. You may look like you’re on drugs, but your feet will stay dry (and warm).

4. Have a Spare Change of Clothes Ready To Wear After Your Run

Standing around in your own sweat after a hard workout isn’t just gross, it’ll also increase your chances of freezing your ass off (and potentially catching a cold). Short of standing in front of fireplace or a warm, pre-heated oven, having a dry set of clothes to change into after your workout is the best thing you can do.

5. Warm Up Post Run

…With beer. You seriously just put yourself through one of the eight dimensions of hell that is winter running. You’ve earned it! Plus, a beer or two after a workout will replenish the carbs you just lost. It’s science.

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