January 11th, 2016

The Best Beer And Running Swag You Need To Buy For Your Next Beer Run

Looking for the hot swag to legitimize yourself as a BeerFit runner? The apparel and accessories below will help you show off how serious you are about earning your beers in 2016!

1. Will Run For Beer Tank Top

If you want to shout your beer runner status from the rooftops, you can save yourself some energy by broadcasting the message on your shirt instead. Don’t worry, dudes — this tank comes in men’s sizes, too!

2. Happy Hour In The Shower

This beer koozy for the shower is ideal for the beer runner who likes to recover from long runs with a shower beer — aka, most of us.

3. Beer Bottle, To Go!

This 24-oz stainless steel water bottle will make sure everyone knows what you’d rather be guzzling when you need some post-run H20.

4. Sudsy Socks

Show off your boozy side during your next race (without getting too rowdy) with these moisture-wicking running socks.

5. “Destination: Beer” T-Shirt

Want other runners to know where you’re headed so they can join you at the bar for some recovery beers? This “Follow Me To Beer” shirt should do the trick.

6. Beer Boasters

Remind yourself you’ve earned your booze with this 16oz beer glass.

7. A Magnet That Tells The Truth

Don’t want to explain your drinking and running problem to everyone who comes into your home? Display it proudly (like you would your race medals) with this magnet!

Finally, a race series with beer stations instead of water stations. Every BeerFit event offers a 5K Classic & Brew Mile. Choose your race and sign up for the experience of a lifetime.

  • Hilarious. I picked up a spine wallet (with bottle opener) just before Christmas. You gotta add it to your list. Sweet accessory.