March 22nd, 2016

3 San Diego-Based Run Clubs For Beer Runners

BREWMILE_ (46 of 125)There’s nothing quite like earning your beer.

And that’s just what casual runners and athletes alike will do when the BeerFit Running Series arrives at San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium on Saturday, April 2nd. With two course options — a competitive 5k and America’s favorite beer mile race — we’ve got enough fun to keep your pint half full the whole day!

To promote BeerFit camaraderie across the area long after the event, we’ve rounded up the best San Diego-based running groups that believe in celebrating their wins with beer.


The San Diego Area Hash House Harriers

This group proudly refers to themselves as, ‘A drinking club with a running problem.’ So you know the chances of ending your run in a bar with this club are very, very good. Rules appear to be relaxed, but the San Diego Hash House Harriers offer multiple running meetups every week that begin or end (or both!) at a brewery. Choose the runs that work with your schedule, and remember to leave some wiggle room the next morning — because chances are after imbibing in a few drinks the night before, you might need to press snooze a few times!

San Diego Running Club

The San Diego Running Club has a little tradition on the fourth Monday of every month, and we think you’ll like it: Their bottle share event follows standard run club protocol at the beginning of the night before getting a little rowdy post exercise. After the normal weekly training run (you’ll cover between 3 to 6 miles), you’ll have a chance to share your favorite beer with fellow runners! Attendees are encouraged to bring a bottle of their favorite brew to share. The gist is, you’ll discover a delicious selection of other participant’s favorite beers waiting for you post run — and maybe even find a new favorite recovery drink!

Mikkeller Run Club San Diego

It’s not hard to join the Mikkeller Run Club — just click here to get the right swag! Mikkeller Brewery is new in San Diego, so the first run won’t happen until April 16. But you should be there! Other chapters of the MRC meet for training sessions on the first Saturday of the month, and we expect MRC San Diego to follow a similar pattern. The idea of the Mikkeller Run Club isn’t to run super fast, but to stay fit by running with good company. The idea is to enjoy ‘the good life’ — which obviously includes socializing with new friends, eating good food, and drinking good beer. Sign up here to receive their newsletter and be notified of future group runs and social events!

At BeerFit, we believe a good workout is made great with ice cold beer. Sign up for our San Diego Classic 5k or Brew Mile here, today.