March 29th, 2016

6 Blogs To Follow If You Love Beer And Running


Beer and running go together like caffeine and Monday mornings, and marathon training and shin splints. That’s why, for as long as we can remember, we’ve enjoyed a post-run beer. And we’re not the only ones who do! Plenty of people have been digitally documenting their journey with beer and running since the advent of dial up and AOL email addresses.

Here are 6 blogs to follow if you love beer and running.

1. DRAFT Mag’s The Beer Runner

Tim Cigelske is DRAFT’s designated beer runner — which means he’s equally devoted to fine beer appreciation and an active, healthy lifestyle. Cigelske, who once completed a three-year run streak (that means he ran at least one mile and drank at least one beer every single day for three years), blogs about his escapades running and downing pints for DRAFT magazine, but you can also follow him on Twitter.

 2. Ramblings Of A Beer Runner

Derrick Peterman calls himself, “A beer blogger with a running problem,” and has been running for over 30 years — of course, not without a few beers along the way. His blog, Ramblings of a Beer Runner, is where he discusses beer (mostly) and running (sometimes), and the intersection between the two.

3. Brew / Drink / Run.

Brew/Drink/Run is a digital magazine and podcast based in Savannah, Georgia, focused on craft beer, supporting local Georgia beer, home brewing, and running. Their mission is simple: To brew beer, drink it, and then run it off. Check out their site for beer reviews, running gear guides, and more.

4. The Fishtown Beer Runners

The Fishtown Beer Runners combine responsible running and consumption in the interest of science. The group gathers once a week to run three to five miles before finishing at a pub for a beer or two. Along with group updates, and running and drinking-related event announcements, the FBR blog is a place for existing members to share their personal motivation for running (well, besides beer).

5. Chug. Run. Blog

Chug. Run. Blog. is the brainchild of All American Beer Mile — a guide to everything beer and running. You’ll pick up valuable knowledge scanning the site, like what you should know before running a beer mile and the best beers to drink after a 20 mile run.

6. Run, Selfie, Repeat

You may remember Kelly Roberts, the blogger behind Run, Selfie, Repeat, as the girl who took selfies with hot dads while running the 2014 New York City Half Marathon. Today, Roberts still embodies her original, ‘Don’t take running too seriously’ mentality, and embraces it throughout her blog posts. This particular post about rewarding your runs with tacos and beer is one we’ll never forget.

Know another great running and beer blog? Let us know in the comments!