March 8th, 2016

10 Instagram Accounts To Follow For Runners Who Love Beer

Whether you’re one of those runners who takes selfies during their workout or you hate running with your phone, everyone can appreciate a good recovery beer.

That’s why we searched the social sphere far and wide to find the best beer and running-themed Instagram accounts the Internet has to offer. Follow them for inspiration, motivation, and of course, new beer recommendations.

1. @RunTOBeer

This Toronto-based running club definitely speaks our language. The IG account portrays the pilgrimage of runners (on foot, of course) to the city’s best craft beer establishments every other weekend.

2. @BendBeerChase

The official Instagram account of the Cascade Relays Bend Beer Chase (a unique, one day “beer relay” featuring the region’s best brews), this feed shares all the moments in between the quest to reach the finish line — and, of course, beer.

3. @TheBeerRunner

Hope your day was filled with #beer and #running. God bless #America.

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Possibly the coolest guy we’ve ever encountered, The Beer Runner eats, sleeps, and of course, drinks, the BeerFit lifestyle.

4. @trailsnales

Boasting the amazing tagline, “Running our ales off since 2014,” following this trail running account will expose you to epic views, accompanied by epic brews.


This fun-loving group of runners hail from California’s Orange County — dubbing themselves, “an Orange County-based running club, with a passion for craft beer.” If you’re in the area, you can join them on Monday evenings for a 3 to 4-mile run followed by drinks at the bar.


This group of beer and fitness lovers doesn’t discriminate — you can run or ride your bike when joining their group events. The nationwide social running club is free to join … and probably a great way to start training for your next beer mile!

7. @thealerunner

The Ale Runner invites you to follow his instagram account about his two favorite things: running trails and drinking ales. With updates on both road and off-road races, this guy knows how to celebrate his wins (and losses) with cold beer. Hey, we can get on board with that!

8. @brewscout

The personal account of Dan Grant, co-founder of @RunTOBeer, you’ll see a lot of the same great stuff (beer, running, community, etc.), but from a different angle.

9. @werunforbru

With the tagline, “For beer we live…for beer we run,” it’s hard not to love this social beer running group. Beer Runners Unite! hosts weekly beer runs from craft bars and breweries, and so far has been proven to post some pretty hilarious race signs.

10. @RunBeerFit

And for the best beer and running posts of all, we defer to ourselves — The BeerFit Running Series. We’ve got running and beer humor, motivational quotes, epic race pictures and funny beer signs. If you’re not following us yet, do yourself a favor and get on board!

At BeerFit, we believe a good workout is made great with ice cold beer. Sign up for our Classic 5k or Brew Mile here, today.