October 26th, 2015

The 5 Most Popular Brews For Running A Fast Beer Mile

brew mile - drinking pbr

Making the decision to run a beer mile is easy (why wouldn’t you?!). However, choosing the booze you’ll drink in between every quarter mile is a completely different story.

Certain rules apply when it comes the do’s and don’ts of the best part (ie., the boozy part) of a beer mile. For example, competitors must choose beer that’s at least 5 percent alcohol by volume, drinks must come in 12-oz cans, and no straws or other pouring aids (like puncturing the can) are allowed to speed up the drinking process.

Want to know what the pros guzzle down during the most epic run of their lives? We sought out the 5 most popular beers elite beer milers drink during competition.

5. Heineken
The fastest time recorded with this pale lager is a 5:30:0 by a Daniel Gruber in September 2015 at the First German Beer Mile in Leverkusen, Deutschland. Put that in context with anecdotal evidence that suggests the average American runs a mile in between 7 and 10 minutes, and you might just be convinced to down one of these bad boys before your next gym session.

4. Coors
Be sure to reach for four original cans over their lighter version, since a Coors Light would only put you at a 4.2 percent ABV, making it illegal for official beermile.com-sanctioned races. Coors is the go-to beverage for American middle distance runner and Olympian Nick Symmonds, fueling him for a 5:19:00 beer mile in 2012.

3. Miller High Life
The champagne of beers is a good choice for anybody looking for a fast beer mile. The classic, American-style lager goes down smoothly — and quickly. It helped Elijah Shekinah run a 5:44:5 at a race in Knoxville, Tenn., in 2007.

2. Pabst Blue Ribbon
You may have spotted some Pabst cans at past Brew Mile events. That’s because the iconic can both tastes great and goes down easy, evidenced by Terrence Fox’s 5:39:0 powered-by-PBR beer mile in 2010.

1. Budweiser
Over 2,700 beer mile races recorded on BeerMile.com cite Budweiser as the drink of choice. While Bud Heavy may not be the first beer you’d think of when combining alcohol with exercise, the all-American beverage led James Neilsen to a 4:57:0 beer mile in 2014 — which is pretty damn fast, even without involving beer!

What beer would you want to drink during this epic race? Comment and let us know.