June 6th, 2016

The Best Instagram Photos From BeerFit Kansas City

If you didn’t reward your run with Kansas City’s most badass residents this past weekend, we have to say it: You missed out. The good news is, you can relive every moment of the BeerFit classic 5k and the signature Brew Mile with the best Instagram photos of the event.

After scrolling through these, we’re pretty sure we won’t have to convince you to join us next time.


1. Who doesn’t love a good photo montage?

I don’t care what they tell you, beer is not a recovery drink #BeerFit

A photo posted by Brett Heman (@brett_heman) on

2. Don’t be shy! Show off your swag.

No one threw up so it was a win win??? #Beerfit #beerrun

A photo posted by mackaela_pettz (@mackaela_pettz) on

3. BeerFit: Only the strong survive.

Will run for free beer. #BeerFit #RunningSucks #ShouldHaveDoneTheMileNotThe5K #?

A photo posted by Sara (@saracastle3) on

4. Costumes are always encouraged. After all, if you’re going to go at all, why not go all in?

Yep. I’m marrying this man in 90 days. #MrAmerica #beerfit #beerfitkc

A photo posted by Christina Rodriguez ? (@xtina_0531) on

5. It’s OK if beer is your biggest motivator. We get it.

Very true #beerfit very true! We all need encouragement along the way

A photo posted by Marc Hodulich (@beerfitmarc) on

6. True balance is a beer in one hand and a race medal in the other.

7. America is always in season.

Will run for beer. ? #beerfitkc #onewholemile

A photo posted by baileykitchell (@baileykitchell) on

8. The true definition of #couplegoals is finding someone to run a beer-fueled 5k with you.

9. We respect a good group chug.

10. There’s nothing wrong with a selfie after a job well done!

#earnedit #beerfit5k #beerfit

A photo posted by Jacalyn Kruse (@jacalynkruse) on

11. See you at the starting line next year?!

@ultramaxsports at @runbeerfit KC 5K ready to roll. #ultramaxsports #beerfit5k #beerfitkc

A photo posted by James Krajsa (@krajsj) on

Now that you’ve seen the photos, we have to ask: Are you in?! Sign up for your local BeerFit event today!