March 17th, 2015

What Are The Best Post Workout Beers?

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If we know anything at all, it’s that the best runs are those that end with a nice, cold, craft beer in our hands.

And we’re not the only ones! Studies show that beer might just be a better hydrator than water or even Gatorade after a workout. The carbonation in beer helps quench your thirst, while its carbohydrate content can help replace lost calories after a hard workout.

It all makes sense, really. Most American beers are 90 percent water and include a small amount of protein and electrolytes. Approximately a third of the drink’s calories come from sugary carbohydrates, plus, plant-based nutrients like hops, yeast and barley contribute to it’s “healthy” factor, too.

America is certainly excited about the benefits of beer after a workout. Events that combine drinking and running — like the Beer Mile World Championships, and our very own Brew Mile — have become increasingly popular in recent years. And why shouldn’t they? Drinking a beer after a run is freakin’ awesome. Not only does beer taste way better than water, but combined with your natural endorphin buzz, you’ll feel pretty good!

While alcohol may not be the best thing to consume after a particularly vigorous or hardcore workout, experts say that in moderation, a few post-workout drinks are nothing to worry about.

To keep Brew Mile participants hopped up and hydrated, craft beer is served both during and after the race (and throughout the after party!). But we want to make sure that everyone registered is training — and drinking! — appropriately, too. That’s why we’re sharing the best post-workout beers recommended by the running experts at Runner’s World.

Click here to click through 15 delicious craft beers that can satisfy any palate — and quench any thirst!

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