March 5th, 2015

The Best Race Day Costumes To Wear At Your Next Brew Mile

Now that you know what to do at a Brew Mile (drink a beer, run a quarter mile, drink a second beer, run a quarter mile, drink a third beer, run a quarter mile, drink a fourth beer, then run your last quarter mile before entering the epic post-race party full of local craft beer and food) you need to know how to DRESS for a Brew Mile.

Brew Milers are well known for letting their freak flags fly and dressing in crazy, fun costumes. To help you decide what to wear on the big night, we’ve crowdsourced some of the best race costumes on the Internets for inspiration.


Anything ‘Murrica themed is usually a winner. The stars and stripes always takes care of business on the athletic field. (via)


Don’t troll us in the comments of this post, but feel free to dress up as trolls with your crew. (via)

Flintstones Group Costume

Got a crew that’s ready to rock out? Go as the Flintstones. Plus it’s a totally-valid excuse to eat with your hands. (via)

Brew Mile Costume Naked

Don’t let pants or waistlines hold you back. Run the way Adam and Eve intended! (via)

Horses - costumes

You can’t hide from your feelings…but you can wear a mask and run from them for a little while. (via)

brew mile ninja turtles

Here’s your chance to get an instant six pack. Know what goes great with pizza, Michelangelo? Craft beer. (via)

Nerd Costumes

Even super nerdy teams are invited to get weird with Brew Mile! Another bonus: Suspenders are way better than onesies when it comes to Port-A-Potties. (via)

Mulletman BrewMile

Why is this guy running alongside a bunch of 12 year old kids? Who cares when you’re business in the front and party in the back. (via)

camel - costume

WHAT DAY IS IT?! BREW MILE FRIDAY? (if only…) (via)

We’re trying to hire this dude as the Brew Mile mascot. (via)


For more costume inspiration, check out Best Race Costumes’ collection.