March 21st, 2016

The Best Race Photos From BeerFit Tucson

To get a sip (or gulp) of what it’s like to reward your run with your city’s most badass residents, check out these photos taken at BeerFit’s last stop in Tucson.

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1. Super Beer-os — Get It?!

2. Rule Of Thumb: A Patriotic Costume Is Always A Good Idea

All geared up for the @runbeerfit #beermile ?? #earnyourbeer #runbeerfit #charity #merica #chubbies #running #beer @chubbies

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3. This Is What We Like To Call ‘Relationship Goals’

#BeerFitTucson #runbeerfit #brewmile

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4. You Know Things Are About To Get Rowdy Whenever A T-Rex Gets Involved

I think we got this whole 5k run thing down

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5. Remember: You Can’t Get More Likes If You Don’t Post It To Social Media

6. Pro Tip: Show Up With A Strong Squad

Run it. #beerfit #4brews #1mile #stomachpain

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7. Humble-bragging Isn’t Required, But It’s Encouraged

8. The Only Way To Drink And Drive

9. We’re Not Sure If ‘Arm Candy’ Refers To Biceps Or Booze In This Picture…

Having a great time!!! #5k #Beerfit #fun #saturday #running

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