June 29th, 2016

How You Can Get Serious BeerFit Swag, Today

At every BeerFit event, it’s clear to see that runners enjoy showing off their well-earned swag — like finisher’s medals — post race, whether it’s just wearing a medal around their neck, or posting selfies on Instagram. And if you’ve ever crossed the finish line of a BeerFit course, you know that it’s easy to get swept up in the post race party before you even have time to think about searching for extra memorabilia to take home. So if you’ve ever woken up the night after a BeerFit event with a less-than-full swag bag and a heart full of regret, we get it — and we sympathize with you!


That’s why we want to give you a second chance at taking home what you truly deserve after earning your beer: BeerFit t-shirts, tanks and hats you can wear long after crossing the finish line.

With taglines like “Miles Down, Bottoms Up,” “Run Hard, Drink Easy” and “Earn Your Beer,” the BeerFit apparel line really embodies what our brand, and our runners, are all about.


Not sure what you should go for? Check out the entire apparel line here, and get excited, because we’re offering FREE shipping and 10 percent off your entire order with promo code: IAMBEERFIT.

What are you waiting for? Fill your virtual shopping cart today — and once you get your swag, show it off on Instagram.