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Looking to join the most exciting event company in America, work in the fast growing fields of non-traditional entertainment and beer, and have a job your friends will all be envious of? The team at BeerFit HQ is an incredibly talented, experienced, and fun group to work with and we’re looking for talented folks to add to the squad.

Feel like you have what it takes to work with (and drink with) us? See our job openings below and/or send your resume to We’re looking for exceptional people with interest in the following careers:

BeerFit Mission

The mission of BeerFit is to raise awareness and money for By celebrating our love for beer (and the clean drinking water that makes it), we are reminded that much of the world lacks access to the clean drinking water that we often take for granted.

BeerFit is also about our participants building lasting memories with their friends. We all spend too much time with technology these days, and need more opportunities to get offline, do something memorable, and live in the moment. BeerFit is just that – a chance for you and your friends to come together to have a great time and support a great cause by doing something you’ll remember for the rest of your life.