April 20th, 2016

The Beer Runner’s Notebook: Dispatches From BeerFit Founder Marc Hodulich

BeerFit founder Marc Hodulich knows that the best wins (and runs) are celebrated with ice cold beer. To share his invaluable knowledge with the BeerFit community, we’re giving you an inside look at how Hodulich operates.

I’m a runner. And a beer lover.

Beer Mile Founder

Well, now that I’m 35 and have two kids, I think it’s fair to say that beer comes first in the relationship. But there’s always been something about enjoying an ice cold brew after I get in a sweat that just felt like the right way to enjoy my life.

I ran track at Auburn University, where I was “high school good,” meaning that despite my success as a runner before I got to college, running in the SEC was a humbling experience where my PR rarely even got me into the first heat at meets. While I didn’t have the chops to keep up with olympic-level runners, I was surprised to find that I was more competitive in a different kind of after-hours running event: the Beer Olympics.

Let me explain: At the end of track season each year, runners across the country who’ve worked hard to stay in competitive shape finally let their guard down with a variety of ridiculous athletic contests that involve lots of beer and track spikes, but little-to-no clothes or self-seriousness. The beers we enjoyed that day tasted better that much better because we had earned them by busting our asses all track season.

That sense that I had earned my end-of-season beer through my hard work was a feeling that I wanted to share with every runner in this country, which is why I started BeerFit.

BeerFit not only celebrates the history of running and beer, but adds to it with a super fun, social, suds-fueled party at the end of every race. Our community of runners is dedicated to the idea that the best way to quench their thirst after a run is with an ice cold beer. So, if that sounds like something you can get on board with, come out to the next BeerFit event in your city. We can’t wait to toast to the good times with you at the finish line.

— Marc