Most Popular Treatment Methods for Erectile Dysfunction

Most Popular Treatment Methods for Erectile Dysfunction

Today, men are able to solve problems associated with erectile dysfunction thanks to modern knowledge in the field of urology and sexology, the ability to select pharmacological agents, therapeutic and surgical techniques. When choosing an effective treatment strategy, you much pay attention to the causes and degree of the disorder, age, concomitant diseases.

The assortment of Canadian Pharmacy includes certified modern drugs that help restore the erectile function or achieve a strong erection. Thanks to active advertising, everyone knows the names of the most famous medicines to restore potency: Levitra, Cialis, Viagra. But doctors advise refraining from self-medication, which can lead to negative side effects. Only professional advice and optimal diagnostics guarantee that ED drugs from online pharmacies will be effective and will not do harm to your health.

Methods of physiotherapy (for example, LOD-therapy – treatment with negative pressure) is widely used in medical practice – it improves blood flow to the penis and the quality of erection. Today, it is possible to conduct complex treatment using LOD-therapy with laser and LED irradiation. The procedures are performed on a modern apparatus and show a high efficiency in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, especially in cases of early vascular pathology.

There are also technologies for prosthetics of erectile function – surgical interventions with falloprostheses of various modifications. This is a radical method for overcoming the true, organic causes of erectile dysfunction, which doctors use only after a thorough in-depth examination of the patient. The decision about prosthetics should be taken with full awareness of the responsibility. A falloprosthesis is a reliable and modern component, but after the surgery the restoration of the natural mechanism of erection will be impossible.

For effective recovery of erectile function, it is necessary to visit a urologist and undergo a full medical examination. Doctors will offer an optimal treatment plan, taking into account all individual indications. The patient is guaranteed to receive full information about the reasons for ED and detailed answers to all questions about the prescribed procedures. Doctors will also give recommendations to achieve a harmonious balance of the working and rest regime, a scheme of correct and tasty nutrition. The correctly selected course of medical and preventive measures will allow achieving a good erection.

Prevention of erectile dysfunction

Measures for the general prevention of erectile dysfunction include:

  • balanced and rational nutrition, rich in vitamins and trace elements, essential amino acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids;
  • adherence to the regime of work and rest, a full-fledged sleep (during sleep the body restores all its unique settings of self-regulation and eliminates “breakages”);
  • physical activity, sports in the open air;
  • the absence of long stressful situations at work and at home;
  • refusing alcohol (including beer), smoking and any drugs;
  • timely prevention and treatment of the diseases leading to erectile dysfunction (a hypertonic illness, atherosclerosis, diabetes, adiposity, etc.).

Foods that improve erectile function can be used as a prophylaxis: food rich in fat and water-soluble vitamins (olive and sunflower oil, nuts, dog rose, currant, fresh vegetables and fruits, cereals and legumes), sources omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (fish oil, sesame, corn oil) and essential amino acids (milk and sour milk products, quail eggs, meat and fish). Of course, we are talking only about natural ingredients, not about genetically modified products. Remember that overeating and overweight is also a direct way to erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is often the result of a disorder in the system of regulating an erection. Therefore, at the first signs of dysfunction, we recommend that a man immediately consults a doctor. It’s important to start a timely, effective and safe treatment on time!

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