May 23rd, 2016

Sufferfest Beer Company Debuts Two New Brews For Runners Who Love Beer


We don’t really consider the health benefits of beer “news” anymore — although that doesn’t mean we’ll stop talking about how beer can reduce your risk of cardiovascular diseases, increase bone density, and help prevent dementia (of course, that’s as long as you drink it in moderation). But what is news when it comes to beer and your body is that a new category of beers, appropriately marketed as “fitness beers,” are emerging in cans and bottles everywhere — even Canada.

Fitness beers are just what they sound like: beers that are being marketed to athletes — especially runners — for their health-friendly attributes and qualities. For example, Barbell Beer, a low carb, high in protein beer, debuted earlier this spring, and recovery beers like Lean Machine Ale hit shelves almost two years ago. Don’t for get that Sam Adams brews a Boston Marathon-themed beer every year — so it seems the trend is only growing.

Most recently, we discovered Sufferfest Beer Company‘s Taper IPA and Epic Pilsner. The 7.1 percent IPA and 5.1 percent pilsner, respectively, are brewed specifically for runners, by runners. Which is pretty freakin’ awesome.

The brainchildren of a duo of trail runners, Caitlin Landesberg and Alyssa Berman-Waugh, the “gluten-removed” beer is concocted specifically for those who log miles on foot. Landesberg’s own struggles with gluten led her to desire to craft a great tasting beer, without all that allergen. Sufferfest’s brewing process removes the gluten allergen during fermentation — so the taste and integrity of the beer is still in tact, but you won’t break out in hives if you’re allergic to the protein (probably).

On the company website, the founders’ message to beer drinkers reads:

“To us, our beer represents so much more than a cold beverage – it’s a reminder to fight for what you want. Our beers are earned – medals for a job well done. Whether you crushed it on the trails, had a big win at the office, flexed your weekend warrior, or shredded the gnar, you deserve this beer. From us to you: go hard, have fun, and enjoy the sufferfest.”


Um, isn’t that just another way of saying, ‘Earn your beer?’

We approve of this message.