June 7th, 2016

5 Beers Brewed For Runners You Can Drink This Summer


As temperatures get higher during the summer months, so does our need to quench our thirst after a run. And what better way to recover from a hot summer run with cold beer brewed especially for the running community?

To help meet your training goals all summer long, we found five beers brewed for runners you can drink all summer long.

Taper IPA

From Sufferfest Beer Company, Taper IPA sounds like the perfect thing to drink in between months of grueling training runs and the start line of an upcoming race. The fact that Sufferfest states the following on their website: “Our beers are earned – medals for a job well done” fits in so well with our own philosophy of, “Earn your beer,” that we have to wonder if this is a match made in beer heaven.

Beer Run IPA

Simply reading the label of this citrus and malty IPA clues you into the fact that it’s meant to be enjoyed after logging miles (though we’re sure it tastes just as delicious when sitting through a Netflix marathon). Ninkasi Brewing Company began testing batches of Beer Run IPA in March, so we’re eagerly waiting to see when it will roll out nationally, to be gulped up after track workouts and trail runs alike.

Epic Pilsner

Also hailing from Sufferfest Beer Company, Epic Pilsner is a 5.1 percent ale brewed by trail runners from San Francisco. The bright beer is described as especially satisfying on a hot day or after a good sweat, bringing it to the top of our list of must-try beverages this summer.

5k IPA

Ghost Runners Brewery in Vancouver, Washington gives every beer a running-based name to celebrate the fun, joy and excitement of running. And while some titles are more subtle, the 5k IPA makes no mistake about what it’s alluding to. Dedicated to all runners who toe the starting line of any 5k race, this bold, bitter and citrusy IPA is an ideal way to celebrate any workout.

River Runners Pale Ale

Brewed by a group of Colorado-based outdoor enthusiasts, Eddyline Brewing Company’s microbrews are inspired by the beauty and wonder of the outdoors, and the exhilarating adventures it offers. River Runner Pale Ale combines grapefruit with a dry finish to quench your thirst after a jog along the riverside — or, hey, after a turn on the treadmill works too!