April 2nd, 2015

Drink The Best Craft Beer In Texas At These Breweries


Here’s some good news for everyone signed up for Brew Mile Dallas: Texas is a craft beer mecca — even more so than we originally thought.

It’s not really a secret that more people, including Texans, are drinking craft beer now than ever before. But if you haven’t caught on just yet, the proof is in the empty cans and/or regally-designed bottles. Sales have hit double-digit market share and are growing every day, according to Craft Beer Insider Mae Rock.

Here are some cold, hard numbers: in 2013, the Brewers Association listed 2,822 American microbreweries. Ninety-six of those were in Texas. Numbers for 2014 have just been released, totaling 3,464 breweries in the U.S., with 119 of those breweries in Texas.

We’re not mathematicians, obviously (unless it comes to running, where we know that the best hydration plan is drinking four beers per mile), but that’s an 18.5 percent increase in breweries across the country, and an even bigger increase at 24 percent for Texas.

Can we get a “Hell yeah?” At the very least, raise your pint.

We guess everything is bigger in Texas—including the craft beer scene. Across the Lone Star State, 19 breweries have opened in the last six months, nine of which are located right in the Dallas-Fort Worth area (according to Andrew Schwab, a writer for CraftBeerAustin.com). Twenty-six more breweries are set to open soon-ish, as they’ve already completed TABC paperwork, and at least 20 more are slated to open their doors later in 2015.

What does that mean for us?

Well, it means we can drink more craft beer in Texas, because everyone else is doing it and it’s delicious. Also, it means that the pool of potential breweries that could be at Beer Mile Dallas is growing. So your three hour open beer tasting experience at the after party (held in the famous Fair Park grounds!) will be exponentially better. And hoppier.

Read more more about the newest breweries in Texas here, like Braindead Brewing, The Collective Brewing Project and The Texas Ale Project. (You should grab some beers there, too).

(Image via Flickr)