September 14th, 2015

Running (And Drinking) For Charity: How The BeerFit Brew Mile Benefits

The BeerFit Brew Mile is the premiere racing event that replaces water stations throughout the 1-mile course with beer. And while it may set unrealistic expectations for your next 5k, the race setup is essentially every runner (and non-runner)’s dream.

But H20 is still important to our organization, and not just because you need it to make beer in the first place.

Around the world, 750 million men, women and children don’t have easy access to safe water. That’s one in nine people affected by the water crisis. Lack of clean water can negatively affect individual health, prevent children from attending school, and trap millions of people in a cycle of poverty.

To help those in need of something most Americans take for granted, the mission of the BeerFit Brew Mile — besides providing an amazing experience and tons of Instagrammable moments for you and your friends — is to raise awareness and money for, an organization that has pioneered safe water and sanitation solutions for more than 20 years. Co-founded by Matt Damon and Gary White, has helped transform hundreds of communities in Africa, South Asia and Central America by improving access to safe water. So by celebrating our love for beer (and the clean drinking water that makes it), we can also make a difference!

For every $25 that we raise, can give someone access to safe water. And besides giving participants the chance to donate directly to on our fundraising page, the BeerFit Brew Mile provides multiple opportunities to raise money for the cause.

Raise $100 for and you’ll be automatically upgraded to VIP status at your local Brew Mile event, maximizing your experience while simultaneously backing a good cause. Bring a spectator, and their $10 spectating fee will go directly to the organization.

Or, run fast: the BeerFit Brew Mile makes extra donations to honor all of the runners who complete the race under certain times. Other perks of running fast include earlier access to the free beer, where you can then toast yourself for doing an amazing job in the name of charity!

The BeerFit Brew Mile already knows how to make an incredible experience for you and your friends, but together, we can make a difference around the world. Please consider making a donation to through our fundraising page today.