August 25th, 2015

How To Run Your Best Beer Mile (And Save Room For The Free Beer)


After a series of already-successful Brew Mile events in 2015, we’re hitting puberty. No, not that kind of puberty. Our voices matured long before we hit legal drinking age.

What we mean is, we’re stepping up our game for the next batch of stops on our 2015 Brew Mile Tour!

The first change is a no-brainer: We’re making the afterparty even more monumental with FREE BEERThat means after downing four beers throughout the one-mile course, you’ll need to have something left over (or an iron stomach) to keep the party going.

To help you reach the finish line with room in your intestines to spare, we’ve collected 5 tips from experienced beer milers, some of whom competed in the Beer Mile World Classic on August 22, on how to run your best Brew Mile.

Run, drink, repeat — and enjoy!

1. Practice Makes Perfect
“Practicing drinking fast with short recovery is a good idea…This session got one of my friends an 8:01, after running 12:09 on debut just a month earlier.”
—Beer Mile World Record holder Josh Harris via DailyRelay (4:5.25 beer mile PR)

2. Allow Some Air In The Can
“It is important to let some air flow into the bottle by sitting the beer on your bottom lip, and pouring it down your throat. I like to pour it down at an angle of close to 45 degrees.”
—Beer Mile World Record holder Josh Harris via DailyRelay (4:56.25 beer mile PR)

3. Don’t Be Shy About Burping
Try to get rid of as much carbonation in your stomach as possible after the completion of each beer…AKA, don’t be shy about letting out a big burp or many!
—Michael Cunningham via Competitor (5:07.95 beer mile PR)

4. Have Fun And Recruit Friends
“Make sure you have a group of friends to run against. This will make it more fun for everybody. The debrief period after a Beer Mile often leads to some moments to remember.”
—Beer Mile World Record holder Josh Harris via DailyRelay (4:56:25 beer mile PR)

5. Celebrate Post-Race
“I’d go and drink more beers.”
—Nick Symmonds via FloTrack (5:09 beer mile PR)

Do you have what it takes? Find a Brew Mile near you.