April 8th, 2016

The Best Milwaukee-Based Running Clubs For Beer Lovers


They say there’s no reward without hard work — and whoever “they” are, they’re right. But when we do put forth a valiant effort, we deserve for that reward to be beer.

Casual runners and athletes registered for the BeerFit Running Series at Milwaukee’s Wisconsin State Fair Park on May 7, agree. Runners can pick from two course options — a competitive 5k and America’s favorite beer mile race — but we all know the motivation behind their efforts: the beer past the finish line.

To help runners in the area find their BeerFit community long before the event, we’ve rounded up the best Milwaukee-based running groups that believe in celebrating their wins with beer.


The (Original) Milwaukee Running Group

The Original Milwaukee Running Group (OMG — the “R” is silent) describe themselves as: “A group of Milwaukee runners of all ages and abilities who run together, have fun together, and share our personal successes together.” Members often share a picnic or pint together after a group run, and the band of runners even have their own beer mile every year to test their mental grit (and their digestive systems).

Waukesha Hash House Harriers

The running club known as the Waukesha Hash House Harriers encourages casual joggers and competitive marathoners alike to meets in a different part of Milwaukee or the suburbs every week to take part in a peculiar cat-and-mouse activity. An individual dubbed the “hare” scouts out an area in advance, and marks a trail using chalk arrows, toilet paper, beer cans — whatever. The remaining members must follow the signs — while running, of course — to find their teammate, who will often try to “throw them off the scent of the trail” along the way. Of course, the entire ordeal ends at a local pub or another watering hole to socialize and celebrate the day’s events.

Badgerland Striders

Serving Wisconsin’s runners for over 50 years, the Badgerland Striders claim to be Wisconsin’s largest and oldest running club — which we won’t argue. But even this geezer of a group still knows how to have a good time! The Badgerland Striders Fun Run Program offers free runs on Wednesday evenings that end with food and beverages, and their Strider Half Marathon race event ends in a beer garden. Membership and group runs are open to both novice and seasoned runners, so there’s a place for you no matter your level.

Milwaukee Running Tours

Okay, this isn’t so much a running group as it is an awesome beer and running experience that both Milwaukee locals and tourists should do at least once. The Beers That Make Milwaukee Famous Tour, led by Milwaukee Running Tours is a great way to infuse your love for running, beer and history. Advertised as, “not for the faint of heart,” the tour promises to educate runners about the Milwaukee beer scene — dating back to the late 1800s up to today’s craft brewery scene — while making pit stops at four breweries and/or beer pubs, where you can sample pints. You’ll run approximately five miles and drink four pints in about two and a half hours. Don’t worry — you can recover with pretzels and cheese curds at your final destination!


Register for BeerFit Milwaukee here.