February 16th, 2016

Fresh Motivation For Dominating Your Next Beer Race

We know that running a race takes a ton of mental fortitude, physical endurance and Icy Hot. But drinking can be equally as tough — so when you combine the two, you need some serious inspiration.

That’s why we rounded up the best motivational drinking posters; to help you you get through your next beer mile without a hiccup (or at least, without too many hiccups).


You’ve heard the mantra, ‘Even A Bad Run Is Better Than No Run At All.’ Well, the same is true for beer.

2.remember-why-you-started-motivationYou started running so you could reward yourself with beer. Don’t forget that.


3.beer-running-motivationJust like rain, sleet or snow is no excuse to stop running, a little foam (or a lot of foam) is no legitimate reason to quit quenching your thirst.


4.4Sometimes, a 12-oz beer is all you can handle — and that’s OK.


5.5Your goal, if we weren’t clear, is finishing that beer.


6.6Take full advantage.


7. 7Hey — at least we said special.


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