March 27th, 2015

If You Replace Motivational Running Posters With Beer, They Start To Actually Make Sense

Motivational running quotes sound inspiring, but let’s be honest — we never really understood ’em. Sure, running is good for you, but it’s really only worth doing when you get something out of it—like a sandwich from the fridge, or four beers and an epic after party at Brew Mile.

What we can get behind, though, is these inspirational running posters that replace that dreaded word, “run” with our holy grail: “beer.” It’s not that we need motivation to drink good craft beer…but just maybe they’ll inspire some wild nights, fun times and hilarious “did-you-hear-the-time-when”-style stories you can use to embarrass your buddies.







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Got another running quote you’d love to improve with beer? Comment and let us know!