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Here’s what the press has been saying about the BeerFit Brew Mile

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“I passed a banana, chatted with the Blues Brothers, took pictures of a four-man crew of Tetris pieces and attempted to keep up with the sriracha. I drank four beers (the first faster than I ever have before), ran four quarter miles, crossed the finish line in a splendid 21 minutes, and somehow managed to keep it all down … Group consensus? Disaster avoided. Epic awesome.” –USA Today

“OK, so we don’t normally endorse running under the influence. But, hey, if the sun’s out, the beer’s cold, and you’re capable of practicing moderation, why not partake in the latest summer fitness craze?” Men’s Fitness

“There are plenty of race series dedicated to running followed by beer. But a new series called Brew Mile is the first and only one I’m aware of devoted to the beer mile.” – Draft Magazine

“The Brew Mile is the mile-long race every booze lover needs to run.” – AOL

“Combine your love of running with a COLD ONE. Test your liver and your lungs with this 1 mile race. Instead of water stations, you get a cold brew every 1/4 mile.” – Guest of a Guest

“Combine beer and running (if you dare) at Brew Mile.” – Philly Voice

“Chug, Chug, Chug: This 1-Mile Race Actually Replaces Water With Beer.” Elite Daily

“While it may be tempting to slow down after several ounces of suds, the Brew Mile rewards speed; runners who finish under certain time benchmarks will earn bonus cash for the charity.”  San Antonio Current

“Ever wish those mid-race water stations offered pints of beer instead? Or maybe that race was faster, but the after-party celebration was longer? Here to make your wishes come true is Brew Mile.” – Blood, Sweat & Cheers

Want To Know More About The Beer Mile Movement? Check Out Press Coverage Below…

“Beer mile mania has hit a new high—or, more specifically, a new low when it comes to times—following two new world records that appear to have been set within 24 hours this weekend.” — Runner’s World

“If you can run a beer mile in under five minutes—without hurling or passing out—you’re not just fast. You’re a hero.” — Outside Online

“Part of the beauty and majesty of the beer mile — it’s human nature — is watching the combatants attempt to manage all that carbonation in the tight confines of the human stomach.” — ESPN

“Running a beer mile is no easy task. Sure, it sounds simple … but having the fitness to run a fast-ish mile is only part of the gig.” Competitor

“Physics, digestion and sprinting will all be on display Wednesday in Austin [at the first beer mile world championships].” — The New York Times

“I would do the Brew Mile again right now.” -That dude at the end of the video