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Our Values regarding Responsibility & Safety

The well-being of our participants and the local community are priority #1 for BeerFit. Follow these rules so we can all have a safe & epic time:

  1. Every participant, spectator and designated driver who enter the event must be 21 years or older. No exceptions. To enter any BeerFit facility you must have a valid ID. No ID = No entry.
  2. Every participant and spectator must arrange for safe transportation post-event. There is no requirement, rules or pressure to drink any of the beers on course or in the after-party area. Each participant in BeerFit chooses, at their own discretion, whether they want to stop at a beer station or not.
  3. The beers provided during the one mile course are completely voluntary and each participant is limited to one (1) beer at each station. Water will be available at each beer station and we encourage everyone to party responsibly with us.

Our goal at BeerFit is to improve lives, and to offer a fun, unique experience. That starts with all of us working together to act responsibly.