August 5th, 2016

Sign This Petition To Help Make The Beer Mile An Olympic Sport


In case you have been living under a rock, The Olympics are starting tonight. That means days upon days of viewing incredible, strong athletes showcasing their superhuman skills — all while you, most likely, sip a beer.

That’s okay, though! Because if World of Beer has their way, beer will be part of a future Olympic Games. As you well know, beer and athletics have a history. The beer mile has evolved from a friendly competition college students challenged one another to after track practice, into a national sporting event with the Beer Mile World Classic So, World of Beer has proposed an idea: Why not include the beer mile in the Olympic Games?

We think it’s the best idea since the beer mile itself. And the International Olympic Committee has recently  formally approved a new slew of extreme and traditional sports, including surfing, skateboarding, karate, rock climbing, baseball and softball for the 2020 summer games in Tokyo — so why shouldn’t the beerm mile be next? If Word of Beer has their way, runners like Corey Bellemore and Nick Symmonds could be competing for gold in a beer mile race.

Wondering how you can help the cause?

World of Beer has an online petition you can sign to back support for the beer mile at a future Olympic Games. And as a bonus, once you sign, World of Beer will email you a voucher for one select draught beer, or $5 off any food item on your check (where valid by law). So basically, you’ll get a free beer for backing something awesome. What’s not to like?