March 25th, 2015

The Best Beer Runs in America

Most organized footraces serve water before, after, and throughout the course, but that’s old news, rightFor a race with real refreshments, we’re highlighting some of the best beer runs across America! Sign up for one of these races, and you can bask in the glory that is downing a cold adult beverage while getting your sweat on.

Tap ‘N’ Run
tap n run

This 2.5-mile race series is more about the 3 chug stations along the way—and the 12-oz beer at the finish line—than actual running. Bring friends, wear funny costumes and get ready to chug!

Craft Brew Races

This traveling race series will have you running and drinking across New England. Thankfully, the after party is open to runners and drinkers (and non-running drinkers) alike.

Will Run For Beer
will-run-for-beer-race-seriesThis running and drinking series has seven beer-themed events, culminating in a big race that ends with a party at a brewery.

The Brew Mile
BeerFit TeamThe best of the bunch, the BeerFit Brew Mile and Classic 5k is simply unlike anything else out there. This Friday night beer mile race + beer tasting party features the best that local communities have to offer across craft beer, food, music, and more. There is no winner. There are no losers. And that sweaty headache will be worth it as you help raise a few bucks for local charities.

Register (or pre-register for Brew Mile in your city here.