February 29th, 2016

The Best Recovery Beers, According To Pro Athletes

FloTrack_BeerMile_Kent Chug 2

Photo courtesy of Brooks Running on behalf of Flotrack

Runners know better than anyone how great a cold beer tastes after a hard run. To make your post race beer even more satisfying, we asked professional runners to dish on their favorite brew to drink past the finish line. Cheers!

1. Lewis Kent, Brooks Running Athlete And Beer Mile Record Holder
Favorite Recovery Beer: Blonde or Golden Beer

“After a long run or race I prefer to drink a cold blonde/golden beer, they are always refreshing. I had one last week once I got home from a hard training session, a nice reward while cooking dinner. On the other hand, if I’m having a beer with a meal I prefer a slightly darker, amber beer.”

2. Des Linden, Hansons-Brooks Original Distance Project
Favorite Recovery Beer: Bell’s Hopslam

“I love a good hearty beer after a nice hearty race and Bell’s Hopslam delivers.This IPA starts smooth and sweet with honey and ends with a hoppy bitter bite, pretty much just how a marathon feels. To top it all off at 10 percent ABV I only need one to feel like the guy on the label, which is good because I’m probably already stuffed from my post-race burger.

3. Rob Krar, 2x Western States Champion
Favorite Recovery Beer: Wanderlust 928 Local Farmhouse Ale

“A little sweet and a little spicy, this Flagstaff favorite is a little higher alcohol and packs plenty of calories – a bonus after a hard effort and some solid recovery food. The mental recovery of enjoying a cold growler out of the Yeti can’t be beat. It’s one of my favorite ways to kick back and soak up the desert sun while relaxing and sharing tales with friends.”

4. Hal Koerner, Ultrarunner, author of Hal Koerner’s Field Guide to Ultrarunning
Favorite Recovery Beer: Caldera Brewing, Hopportunity Knocks

“I love the aroma of the hops, they set me at ease after the first taste. With a touch of sweetness, this IPA goes down pretty smooth, because there is nothing I like more than opening the next one.  The fact that this specialty beer comes in a can makes it easy to transport to my favorite trailhead or to the bottom of the creek when it’s time to soak post run.”

5. Dominic Grossman: Injinji Ultra And Trail Runner
Favorite Recovery Beer: Mammoth Brewing’s IPA 395

“When running for hours in the mountains, I usually indulge in a recovery meal consisting of a grass fed hamburger and a cold glass of Mammoth Brewing’s IPA 395. The extra hoppy IPA mixed with real juniper berry clears the pallet and refreshes the senses like a brisk dip in a mountain stream.”

6. Mike Wardian, Marathon And Ultra Marathoner For Injinji
Favorite Recovery Beer: Guinness

“I don’t drink often but I would say my favorite recovery beer is Guinness. I like Guinness because it tastes smooth, silky and I love the way the foam feels on your lips as it goes down. I also love setting Guinness World Records and think that makes the beer even cooler.”

7. Katie DeSplinter, Ultra Marathoner For Injinji
Favorite Recovery Beer: Mammoth Brewing Company’s Double Nut Brown

Mammoth Brewing Company’s Double Nut Brown is my go-to beer after a hard day in the mountains. It’s a clean-tasting, nutty porter brewed in my favorite range to train in – the rugged and majestic Eastern Sierra. I love that it’s not too high of an ABV either.”

8. Travis Macy: Professional Endurance Athlete And Author Of The Ultra Mindset
Favorite Recovery Beer: Independence Pass IPA by Apsen Brewing Company

“Ain’t nothing better than a little hoppy, canned snowmelt after a long run or skimo up high. Microbrews and mountains … Colorado can’t be beat!”

What’s your favorite recovery beer? Tell us in the comments!