Running Motivation

We collect 9 rules as running motivation. Let’s get acquainted with them and find your own motivation for running.

Rule#1: Set a goal

Do not run thoughtlessly, try to determine from the very beginning what you expect from running. Set yourself a task for each run, or better, create a training plan. Record all the results on paper, or use for these purposes numerous running applications, because nothing motivates more than monitoring your own progress. And after a rather short period of time, you will do what previously seemed absolutely impossible – you will overcome your first 3.5, or even 10 km.

Rule#2: Do not hurry

Don’t think about pace at the start of your running career. Many beginners start running too fast, but their bodies are not ready for such loads. This leads to premature fatigue, discomfort, and as a result – loss of motivation and injury. Experienced trainers recommend running at the pace of the conversation, i.e. you should be able to speak on the go. This will help you build basic aerobic endurance and run more efficiently. In the initial stages, alternating running and walking is a good way to cover the entire distance. Also, do not run every day, because the body needs time to recover. For the first months, 2-4 workouts per week will be enough.

Rule #3: Find a friend for running

You can run alone, but if you take a friend with you, then your run will become more fun and exciting. Also, do not forget about the spirit of competition. This will force you to push yourself harder, especially if you’re running with a stronger partner. Plus, tiredness or bad weather will no longer be a reason to miss a training session, because you can’t let your team down! A good option would be to sign up for a running club, where, with the help of a trainer, you can conduct your workouts more efficiently and effectively.

Rule#4: Discover new routes

If you eat the same food all the time, then no matter how tasty it is, sooner or later you will get tired of it. It’s the same with running, if you run along the same route all the time, it will soon become boring and uninteresting. Find new routes and tracks. Run in another park, near water bodies, in an autumn forest, or even in a nearby town. This will allow you to see new interesting places that you would not specifically go to.

Rule#5: Treat yourself

Sometimes there is nothing better than giving a motivating gift to yourself. A new pair of shorts or a pair of sneakers will be additional motivation to get out for a run and try them out. You can also treat yourself to something enjoyable after a hard workout. It can be a trip to a pizzeria, a movie, or just a fun walk.

Rule#6: Change your workouts

For example, change the timing of your workouts and do 1-2 runs during the week in the morning. And although at this time many processes in the body are not yet fully active, this also has its advantages: a light long run in the morning on an empty stomach burns fat better, and also teaches the body to work with limited fuel reserves. Also add uphill running, intervals, and strength training.

Rule#7: Listen to music

For many runners, music helps a lot while running. Create your favorite playlist, download an interesting podcast and go on to new achievements!

Rule#8: Be socially active

Subscribe to a couple of interesting groups or communities to pick up useful information and put it into practice. Plus, social networking gives you the opportunity to stay on top of the latest news, ask more experienced runners, and get support from like-minded people.

Rule#9: Take part in competition

Participation in competitions is very beneficial: first, you set yourself clear goals and try to achieve them; secondly, even dozens of joggers gathering in one place give an unforgettable holiday feeling and great running motivation! Also, such a race will be a tangible reward for shedding sweat in training. And it doesn’t matter whether it is a small 5 km race or a popular marathon, because no one make you set a much more ambitious goal for yourself next time!